Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Services


Integrated design and analysis is one of the core business of STRAND. Our team of professional engineers have delivered multiple large projects and had served numerous industries including but not limited to aerospace, consumer products, rail and oil & gas. With a diverse skillset, we perform all engineering analysis and design activities in-house. We satisfy our clients with a functional, innovative and economical final product, designed with proven expertise.


– 3D CAD Modeling
– Product Assembly & Digital Mock-Up
– Drafting & Drawing
– Product Data Management
– Configuration Management
– Manufacturing Consultation & Support
– Composite Design


– Static Structural Analysis
– Dynamics & Vibration Analysis
– Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Analysis
– Finite Element Modeling
– Structural Test Validation
– Composite Analysis


Our most recent / significant projects, sorted with respect to industries.

Aerospace and Mechanical - Aerospace Engineering, Flight Vehicle


A truly versatile aircraft, Dornier Seastar is engineered to be operatable from land and water runways. STRAND is a design solution partner for this engineering endeavour, delivering modeling and drafting solutions to the highest standard. A strategic partnership with STRAND results in a cost effective solution, providing value engineering for money.

Commercial Aircrafts

STRAND is proud to be a part of few aircraft design and development projects. Our involvement includes static and fatigue analyses on metallic and composite components. In addition, we provide various design solutions which include weight optimisation, product data management and configuration management. Our commitment to deliver ensures the availability of a next-generation, sustainable aircraft. Our clients include Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier.


Monorail Bogie Design

Reliable transport is an important element for urban development. STRAND has collaborated with a major rail manufacturer in generating a fatigue and damage tolerance assessment framework to improve current monorail design. In addition, STRAND advances current design process by improving the engineering model through finite element verification. As an established engineering services company, STRAND transfers best practices from aerospace to other engineering sectors.

Aerospace and Mechanical - Rail, Train, Urban Transport
Aerospace and Mechanical - Naval Engineering, Oil and Gas


Heavy Lift Ships

STRAND has been a part of an engineering project involving 3D conversion of engineering model for heavy lift ships. The conversion covers the entire ship and includes naval vessel hull, crane, deck equipment, propeller and various other equipment. STRAND is a versatile engineering services company, capable of delivering results to various engineering sectors.

Oil & Gas Structures

STRAND was involved in delivering the structural analysis and design optimisation of the FPSO turret and gantry structure. The task includes FE modeling of the primary and secondary structures in FEMAP, the preferred FEM environment for the oil and gas industry. Adapting to the O & G industry practice rapidly and applying best practices transferred from aerospace industry, STRAND delivered successfully to requirements as outlined by the classification bodies, DNV and ABS.